The unofficial house flycatcherAt this moment we have two lizards resident in the house. The first is a gecko which appears from god-knows-where at night, runs along the top of the bamboo blinds and takes up position at the top of the window. Presumably it’s a good spot to catch insects and, as that’s what he does best, I’m quite happy to share house space with him. Every home in sub tropical climes should have at least one. My friend Sarah in Sri Lanka with the VSO has recently discovered this.
The other one, a true Tinerfeño lizard, unique to the island is here more by accident. We have skylights in the bathroom and the kitchen. Both are covered by a screen. Initially we thought that these were to keep insects out, but we were wrong. Lizards come careening across the roof cartoon style on a frighteningly regular basis and overshoot the open skylight. The screen acts as a safety net; if it weren’t there I swear we’d be knee deep in reptiles.
Lagarto tizón, indigenious to TenerifeThe screen is pretty effective on the whole, but two days ago one decent sized fellow managed to fall straight through the only hole in the screen (necessary for opening and closing the skylight) and land with a loud ‘plop’ on the bathroom floor.
He immediately sought sanctuary under a large chest and, as far as I know, is still there. If I try to move it to get him out, I’ll probably squash him so I’ll have to wait until hunger forces his hand (or his scaly claw) which could be some time as there’s probably a couple of spiders and a tropical house centipede under there with him to help suppress his munchies.

It’s not easy trying to save lizards from self imposed incarceration. Such are the problems of living in a sub tropical climate.


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