Okay…What exactly do you mean by “We love walking”?

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Life, Nature, Photos, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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I’m getting wise. Not in a general sense, that would be far too much to expect, I mean in some specific little unimportant areas. In this case, the British and walking.

This is a walk - Caldera de Pedro GilReturning from the south of the island last week, we stopped off at the quiet little hamlet of Punto de Abona to eat our bocadillos overlooking the pretty little beach. On opening the car door, I was nearly sent spinning into the sky like a wayward kite. The east coast has an almost constant breeze, but today it was stronger than normal.
“Maybe it’ll be more sheltered at the beach?” Andy suggested.
“No it isn’t,” before I had the chance to reply, an English voice beat me to it from the inside of a car parked next to us. “It’s like a sandstorm down there.”
The English couple in the car had the same idea as us, but had been forced by the wind to have their lunch inside their car.

We decided to do the same and got back inside the car and rolled down the windows. It turned out that the couple were staying in Puerto de la Cruz and were driving around the island stopping off at places which took their fancy. Good on them. We chatted for a moment about places on the island before the woman mentioned that they enjoyed walking. It was at this point that I made the mistake which I’ve made numerous times in the past; I assumed that when she said they liked walking, she meant they actually liked walking.
“Really?” As someone who loves exploring Tenerife on foot, and there are some fantastic places for walking on Tenerife, I’m always interested in hearing others’ views on where they’ve discovered. “Where have you walked?”
“Oh…” the woman thought for a second. “Along the promenade at Los Cristianos…”This is a stroll - PLaya del Duque
She went on to name a couple of similar such ‘walks’.

My mother-in-law and late father-in-law were exactly the same. Gerry would regularly announce:
“Marge and I love walking; we walk everywhere.”
But take him out for a walk that lasted more than a kilometre, or involved going downhill or worse, uphill and the big man would raise an eyebrow and look down at me and say:
“Now why the fek would we be wanting to go up there?”

What they really meant, like lots of other people, was that they enjoyed a good stroll. Nothing wrong with that, but if you happen to be on holiday on Tenerife and mention to some stranger that you love walking, then proceed to list strolls along various town’s seafront don’t be surprised when they let out a scream – that’ll be me.


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