First it was Elton, now a whole load of other famous names are planning to hold gigs on Tenerife. Okay, that’s a tad misleading; Tenerife has always played host to famous names from the world of music, it’s just that most of then are Spanish, or Latin American and not familiar to British visitors.

The next wave are a bit more contemporary than old Reggie…a bit, seeing as one of them is the group Echo and The Bunnymen who are playing in the La Laguna Festival on 26th April. Their official webpage has posted the news under ‘Echo and the Sunnymen’. Clearly they don’t know La Laguna.

Second up is the big hat himself. Jay Kay and Jamiroquia are introducing some Jazz Funk to Los Cristianos by headlining the Aguaviva festival on the 14th June.

The third is Juliette & the Licks, fronted by Hollywood actress turned rock chick Juliette Lewis, who’s playing the Eólica festival in Granadilla in early July. I’ve been a fan of her acting right from seeing her suck Robert de Niro’s finger in Cape Fear through to the ‘what did she just ask him to do?’ role in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Now this is a bit more up my street.

Juliette and the Licks
  1. merve says:

    de nıro gördügüm en iyi aktör harika bir insan

  2. merve ezgi says:

    godfather en güzel flim bence robert de nıro filmlerinde kendini oynuyor rolünü değil godfellas en güzel flimi handsome de nıro wonderful man

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