Almost Carnaval kick off, and I’m not match fit

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Life, Spain, Tenerife, Travel
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Carnaval Queen 2008 (provided by Ayuntamiento de Puerto de la CruzOn Friday night the lovely and exotically named, Layla Buzzian was crowned Puerto de la Cruz’ Carnaval Queen by our mayoress, Dolores Padrón at the end of a ritzy glitzy affair lasting hours. The contestants, as always, looked fantastic in their chariots-come-costumes. It all seemed to go quite well until it was time for the crowning of the Carnaval Queen when all contestants had to squeeze onto the stage. As usual the logistics of fitting all contestants and their small van sized outfits hadn’t been taken into account and there wasn’t quite enough space; you’d find more room to manoeuvre in a sardine tin.
Don’t ask me why they couldn’t have built a stage big enough to accommodate everyone, it’s the same set up every year, you’d think they’d be able to get it right by now (In La Orotava, on the hill behind us, they managed to build a stage which could accommodate two almost full sized pirate galleons). I’m sure I saw a couple of judges put their heads in their hands as a couple of stage hands tried to fit everyone in, with limited success. I’ve no idea what the girl at the back looked like, but she had a pretty right arm.

It wasn’t the hottest of nights, and, as the potential queens’outfits traditionally involves a lot of exposed flesh, by the time the results were being announced I wasn’t sure whether one quite ample girl was shaking with nerves, or shivering with the cold. Whatever, but for some odd reason I had a sudden yearning for blancmange.

Carnaval really starts big time tonight, with the opening parade followed by an all night street party and I’m not on the slightest bit prepared; I haven’t a clue what to dress up as and I’m shattered after three weeks of visitors. At this moment it looks as though I’ll be going naked. Well, the theme is ‘FEAR’ and I can’t think of anything much scarier than that.


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