The final piece of the jigsaw? Man Utd 4– Wigan 0

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership, soccer, Sport

By half time everyone was getting on my nerves; everyone except the team, who I thought were playing well despite the circumstances.

The commentators who were bemoaning Utd’s lack of consistency which had me screaming.
“We’ve had to change our formation twice cause of injuries.”

Carlos, the barman who was remarking that the bar wasn’t as busy as he’d expected for a Man U game – the implication of this was that maybe he should have the rugby on instead.

Another team who was killing football as entertainment in their quest to hold on to the riches that comes with playing premiership football.

Mike Riley for being a referee instead of the more suitable occupation of running a knitting circle and especially the fat bloke in front of me who despite quite clear evidence to the contrary who was accusing Ronaldo of being  a “Kindiver”, the easy chant for ABU’s who obviously rearrange images in their heads to suit what they want to see.

And then the second half came and suddenly I knew that all was well with the world. Everything just fell into place. Tevez did what we all know he can do, Ronaldo was his brilliant self. Rooney looked hungry and sharp, Giggs was rejuvenated after his bit of a rest midweek. Anderson showed that he can tackle and pass (something that’s been missing from the midfield) and the two young lads Pique and Simpson played a blinder. It was United at their best and all it took was a bit of slick passing and a touch of magic from Tevez and then Wigan had to actually try to play football, which also allowed us to play. I’ve realised that I’ve no idea how good or bad the bottom half of the table teams are as they all employ the same tactic when they visit Old Trafford. Maybe this will make them think again. And the fat bloke? Some Wigan fan he. He lost all interest in the game after the second goal went in. Isn’t the world a wonderful place – fantastic performance and another ABU scalp to make it all the sweeter.


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