Arrivederci Roma: Man Utd 1 – Roma 0

Posted: October 3, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, soccer, Sport

Admittedly I was feeling a bit anxious after our defense’s (and a couple of midfielder’s) ‘Keystone Cops’ display on Saturday; scraping another 1-0 win against a Birmingham side which probably didn’t deserve to lose. Last year was a one-off. If anyone thought that Roma were going to rollover again, then they were well and truly submerged in a fantasy realm. I worried that we might be about to face a team in Travis Bickle mood.

As it happened, we put on a very patient, controlled, calm and mature European performance with some very pleasingly slick moves. Scholes played more like his old self, Rooney grew in confidence as the game progressed, Ronaldo was Ronaldo and Nani showed that the time when Giggsy’s more and more frequent wasteful passes become just a memory might not be that far away (I’m not saying that Giggsy hasn’t been a fantastic player for United, but there’s no place for sentimentality if you want to continue to be the major force in world football). The game could have gone either way, but in the end we had that bit more creativity and deserved the victory. Good performance, maybe we’re more comfortable in Europe at the moment. But another 1-0 win; when did we become Arsenal?

Great result for Rangers as well. They might have rode their luck a bit, a combination of poor finishing from Lyon and a fantastic display by the woodwork didn’t do them any harm, but football’s all about taking your chances and Rangers put theirs away with style. The Canarian barman, and Barcelona supporter, where I watch the football, had said when the groups were announced that he thought Rangers would be Barcelona’s biggest threat. Looks like he was right.

  1. rangersfc says:

    “Great result for Rangers”

    Thanks for that, it was quite a boost.

    Always have a soft spot for Alex Ferguson and his team.

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