Who’s sorry now? Man Utd 2 – Chelsea 0

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership, soccer, Sport

For the first time this season, I felt the testosterone levels rising courtesy of a Londoner in the bar who announced a few minutes into the game:
“Manchester are always awarded penalties at Old Trafford if anyone so much as sneezes in the direction of one of their players.”
Oh Yeah? And this from a Chelsea supporter?
As it happened he wasn’t actually a Chelsea supporter. The ones who rile you never are supporters of the other team, they’re always people who hide under the guise of being a neutral and say things like ‘I don’t care who wins…’
I’ve discovered that this statement over the years is said much in the same way as people say ‘I’m not a racist…’  That one’s always followed by a ‘…but’, the other is always followed by “…but if I had to chose, I’d want Manchester united to lose.’
Course they would and that makes it all the sweeter when we win. Am I interested in a harsh sending off? Not in this case; this was Chelsea after all – a team no stranger to favourable refereeing decisions. However, let’s not get carried away by one decision. By that time we’d been denied a clear penalty, so swings and roundabouts. And where Mikel was unlucky, Joe Cole probably should have walked for his lunge at Ronaldo.
To be fair to Chelsea, they played well, even when down to ten men, although the lack of sportsmanship in not passing the ball back when Rio put it out was beneath them (I know there are new guidelines, but that’s not really the point). The best thing about the game, apart from the result, was that we put in our most assured performance of the season. There was confidence again and Carrick showed some of the touches which made him so important to Spurs. Glad to see Tevez get off the mark (the other one really doesn’t count), that should do his confidence the world of good. All in all, a very satisfying afternoon; I wonder if Jose enjoyed it?


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