You say Kumato, I say…WHAT?

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Food, Life, Plants, Recipes, Tenerife, Travel
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I’ve just seen the strangest thing in my local supermarket; black tomatoes. At first I thought that they were just some dodgy looking normal tomatoes which had the black death, or something, but closer inspection identified them as something called a ‘kumato’.

Now these guys aren’t the most appetising looking of fruits; in fact they looked like something that had been dreamt up in some mad scientist’s lab, but hey, I’m all for trying new foods so I bought one (one might seem a bit measly, but the cost of one was about the same price as a kilo of the normal ruby red ones).

With some trepidation, I bit into it expecting to taste something that was a cross between a tomato and a kiwi fruit – that’s what I’d decided it was. I’ve since checked on the internet and found that the black tomato has been around for a long time, apparently it was discovered in the Ukraine and brought to Russia by soldiers after the Crimean War.

So what did it taste like? After much rolling it around in my mouth, nibbling it and sucking it I came to the conclusion that it had the flavour of… a tomato.

Bit of a disappointment really; however, I’ve got big hopes for next week when I’m planning to try the cauli-tato.


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