They’re Very Sporting, Lisbon: Sporting 0 – Man Utd 1

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership, soccer

I know how Rooney, Saha, Tevez et al feel. Like them I’m not match fit. Canal +’s loss of rights to screen English premiership games has meant that my season has gotten of to a stuttering start; there are obvious parallels here.
I’ve no idea how we played against Everton; of course I’ve read the BBC match report, but in true Man U fan fashion I subscribe to the conspiracy theory that anyone who doesn’t actually support us can’t be trusted to write an unbiased report. So with fewer games under my belt than I’d like, I didn’t feel ready for European opposition during until the second half – see parallels again.

I keep reading that Sporting aren’t top notch opposition, but, as the Norwegian bloke across the bar from me gleefully pointed out last night, at this level there are no easy teams.
The pitch was terrible, however it didn’t seem to affect Sporting, who passed the ball around with skill and flair and would have scored a storming goal if it hadn’t been for Van der Sar. Sir A had done a good psychological job on the referee who was ‘overly fair’ to us, although his rather harsh booking of Romagnoli did stop the Lisbon players from hitting the ground if any one near them so much as looked in their direction.

Despite improving in the second half, we still look as though there’s a vital spark missing. Thank goodness then for the boy wonder, who once again rose above the mundane. If anyone was going to score it was going to be him and didn’t he do it with dignity and respect for his former team who, in turn, reciprocated with a standing ovation when he was substituted. Well done Lisbon – respect.

Just have to say congrats to Rangers; nice to see another British club winning.
Oh…and a special thanks to Roman Abramovich for taking the first steps in returning Chelsea to mid table mediocrity.

  1. rangersfc says:

    “Just have to say congrats to Rangers; nice to see another British club winning.”

    Thanks, it is always good to see a boy from Govan doing well.

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