Groundhog Day: Man U 1 – Sunderland 0

Posted: September 3, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership, soccer, Sport

Lots of possession blah, blah; some neat passing blah, blah; visiting team keeping everyone in defence and hoping to nick something on the break blah, blah; never looking like we’re going to actually score blah, blah…I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray.

I might be slow on the uptake, but when did teams actually start the season playing from the off as though their one ambition is to avoid relegation?
Still, I’m glad the final piece of the jigsaw didn’t fall into place on Saturday, and Keano was able to leave Old Trafford with his head held high.
Fergie might be right about the team needing to learn to understand each other, but the minute Saha came on, we were a different team; we actually looked as though we could score. I know a lot of United fans who don’t rate Saha, but to me, like his fellow countryman, Evra, his movement and touch is that of a pure thoroughbred. He could be a fantastic striker for us, if only he could stay fit-and there’s the rub.

Anyway it was another 3 points in the bag, but Everton next won’t be easy. Mind you, Ronaldo’s back and Phil’s sure to help us out.


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