“Go Nani, go, go, go – Nani B.Goode” Man U 1 Tottenham 0

Posted: August 27, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership, soccer, Sport

“What’s Ferguson thinking about?” The man across the bar from me moaned. “Tevez is only Rooney mark 2, Nani is Ronaldo mark 2 and Hargreaves is Carrick mark two. This is rubbish…”
Almost as the words left his mouth a bullet of a shot flew from Nani’s foot which would have decapitated a supporter at the Stretford end had it not been for a well made goal net. The bar erupted as seven of us cheered and one Tottenham fan (or ABU) groaned.
“Bloody brilliant,” my compadre across the bar grinned. “Ferguson is a genius. He can always spot the talent.”

Ironically, it was probably our worse performance so far, but that came as no surprise given the situation. It was always going to be a nervy affair between two teams who couldn’t afford to lose. Or even draw.
Spurs started the brightest; Robbie Keane almost piling on the gloom and doom with a flash of inconsistent brilliance. It was good to see a team come to Old T and try to take us on, but when nothing happened for them in the first twenty minutes they resorted in part to similar tactics as the other teams we’ve played so far. After that we settled down a bit, without actually taking control, but it didn’t look as though we were in danger of being beaten, even if Berbatov looked as though he might be the difference between the sides.
Nervousness showed throughout. Personally, I expect more from the senior players, but on this occasion Scholes was guilty of some sloppy passes and Giggsy was doing his headless chicken bit. If Giggsy had a footballing brain like Teddy Sheringham, he’d be a true legend instead of simply being a great talent.
Once again we didn’t look as though we were going to score, then the game erupted into life. Goal line clearances, penalty claims and then Nani showing that you don’t need 100 passes to get the ball in the net.
Of course Tottenham will say they were robbed again. Obviously I’m biased, but after watching numerous replays, I’m still not sure. It looked to me as though the ball came off Wes Brown’s chest and not his arm, then I would say that. The point is though, that if, even with the benefit of replays, it isn’t clear, then the referee shouldn’t award a penalty. I like Spurs and Martin Jol, but on this occasion he can ‘jog on’.

At last the teeniest glimpse of light; I trust that’ll be the last we’ll see of the relegation zone. I just hope Fergie has a wee word with Nani about his post goal celebrations. They were very impressive and would probably have won him gold at the Olympics, but we really don’t need someone else who can score goals injured right now.


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