Am I feeling blue?

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Football, Manchester United, Premiership

Man City 1 Man Utd 0

This is becoming a joke. Three times we’ve been the better team and yet we’ve only 2 points to show for all our endeavours. People can moan that we need a striker, well as far as I’m aware we’ve already got 4 world class ones. If only they could stay fit.

The football gods are obviously not with us at the moment. Let’s face it we played City off the park. Possibly a lack of selfishness in the forward players, Paul Scholes not hitting the ball with his usual accuracy and the intervention, time after time, of Richards stopped it being a relatively easy win for us.

When the blue half of Manchester snap out of their temporary euphoria in a few days, even the most blinkered of them will realise that they still lack ambition. When it came to going forward they were pretty woeful.

The Liverpool Chelsea result will help, but losing 7 points in your first three matches makes it all uphill for the time being. For me there’s enough evidence in the way the team are playing to convince me that this is just a glitch, the final piece will fall into place any day now and somebody is going to be on the end of a drubbing.

  1. You guys have nothing too much to worry about. Come the April you will be there or there abouts despite what I might say to my Red friends. Its a nonsense talking about buying a new striker – what do you do with him once everybody is fit? Every team has a bad run of luck – it just seems you are having yours right at the beginning!

  2. dragojac says:

    I agree; there’s a lot of knee-jerk nonsense being said at the moment. There’s always the ‘buy, buy, buy’ cry from the panic merchants. Sir A knows better than most that football can be a fickle mistress, that’s why we love it and occasionally hate it. As someone commented to me yesterday
    “if it always went the way we expected, it would soon become boring.”
    Of course, not something I wanted to hear right at that moment.

    By the way, unlucky yesterday. Sorry, let me rephrase that- luck had nothing to do with it.

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