Booked for being Wayne Rooney

Posted: August 5, 2007 in Football, soccer, Sport

Chelsea 1-Man U 4 (plus one denied penalty)

Okay, it was a nice friendly affair bordering on the dull again, but it’s nice to see that some things never change. A dodgy decision in favour of Chelsea (a clear penalty) and Mark Halsey continuing the trend set by referees over the last couple of seasons by booking Wayne Rooney for actually having the nerve to be on the pitch-what a bastard! However, Peter Cech didn’t help by a bit of theatrics; he surely can’t expect preferential treatment because he wears a silly hat.Overall Chelsea played the better possession football, but we looked the more inventive, although both goals came after some good football on both sides. Glad to see van der Sar play a blinder; that’ll do his confidence the world of good for the real start to the season next week. Oh and if you’re a Chelsea fan, I wouldn’t worry about the injuries. We started last season with a horrendous injury list and written off by almost every sports journalist. It didn’t do us any harm.


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