The Hair Thieves

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Poetry, Shocking Poetry, Writing

“The spiders are stealing my hair,” he moaned,
He moaned, “The spiders are stealing my hair.”
She patted his hand and kissed his pale cheek.
“Why do you say the spiders are stealing your hair?”
He patted his bonce, which in truth was quite bare,
Then pointed to a dark spot right under the chair,
“Cos, once it was here and now it is there.”

The spiders chuckled.

  1. vintagefan says:


  2. mannabozo says:

    Ooooooooooooh. This was delicious. And weird. I’m a fan of it. Hello from Delaware.

  3. dragojac says:

    A very late muchas gracias. My phone line’s been snagged by a banana palm, or maybe the spiders are trying to silence me.

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